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Everyone wants to be happy.
We’ll find the perfect therapist to help.

Everyone wants to be happy. We’ll find the perfect therapist to help.

We’ll find a therapist who matches your needs – one who takes your insurance or payment directly, and who can meet you online or in an office. 




Schedule Your Appointment – Today!


Meet Today, Or When It Works For You

Private Pay or Insured


Safe WebSessions – No Waiting In A Lobby

We Connect You With The Perfect Therapist For Yourself, Your Children, Or For Couples!

You could be talking with a State Licensed Therapist – Right Now! What are you waiting for? We process almost every type of insurance, or take credit cards. Don’t wait another day – we can connect you right now…

Meet An Incredible Therapist - Today

Here's How It Works For You...


Who Would Be A Great Therapist For You?

You decide: Age, Gender, Languages, Years in Practice, Types of Therapy Used…even Insurances taken. We’ll match you with the perfect Licensed Therapist and show you their bio and open calendar slots. 


Meet Your Therapist From The Comfort Of Your Home

When appointment day comes, we’ll email and text you a link to click 15 minutes before your session. No app’s to download… just click the link and start the meeting right from your browser.


Insurance Or Not – We’ll Get You In

We take over 90% of all insurance, and we can help you pay the Therapist directly with a credit card for Co-Pays or if you don’t have insurance. No stress, no hassles.


We Think You’ll Love The Therapist We Match You With, But If You Don’t…

We have hundreds and hundreds more to choose from. All you have to do is come here and start again, find a better fit for you and we’ll take care of everything else. We want you to be your happiest.

We Have Relationships With Most Of The Major Insurance Carriers

Even if you don’t see your insurnace here – we probably cover it.

For Therapists: We Bring You Amazing Patients! All You Have To Do Is Manage Your Calendar…

All your business, all in one place


Client Referrals

Therapy Conductor is your digital agency. We bring New Patients to you – when you have open times and are available to meet.

Client Onboarding

Our software is built to make it super easy to manage each session. We provide the Digital Onboarding forms you need – before you ever meet a New Patient.

Client Billing & Management

Don’t worry, we have that handled as well. We process all your claims and collections for you. We even manage to collect the deductibles and co-pays up-front, and make sure each Patient is covered and eligible before each appointment. If not covered, we collect directly from the Patient by credit card, before you even have your appointment.