How It Works

Tell us the basics of what you want in a Therapist: Gender, Age, Location, Years in Practice, Types of Therapy, even your insurance, or if you have no insurance… we’ll still find you the perfect match!

Answers to Your Questions

How do I know I’m getting the right Therapist?

We find your match based on gender, age, location, treatment approaches, availability,years in practice, insurance, and more. Our network is made up of in state, licensed mental healthcare professionals who have availability to meet with you, when you need them. 

How quickly will you match me to a Therapist?

Based on your preferences we can match you in just a few minutes.  We usually find matches that have availability within 24-48 hours of your search. We even have some Therapists who have weekend availability. You don’t have to wait to see if the Therapist will accept you based on your insurance, or if you have no insurance, we handle all of that as part of the matching process.

What should I expect for my first appointment?

Real therapy and no forms! We handle all of the forms as part of your matching process – when you schedule your first appointment  – and sign them digitally. Your Therapist will then do their normal assessment with you at your first session, and you’re off to a happier day.

Is your service HIPAA compliant and secure?

Our HIPAA-compliant, ONC Certified and encrypted software keeps your personal data secure. We follow the highest national standards for security and privacy for all clients and therapists. Your personal data, medical information, and private communications are all hosted on HIPAA-compliant, ONC Certified and SSL-encrypted servers. Your WebTherapy sessions are never recorded.

How much will my meeting cost?

Based on your payment method, this can vary. We have relationships with most of the major insurance carriers in your state. To find out exactly what you will pay call the number on your card and ask: “What are my behavioral health benefits?”  If you are using an EAP, you will normally have a certain number of free sessions before you have to pay with your insurance benefits or out-of-pocket. To use your EAP, it’s best to call them ahead of time to get direction. Our typical hourly rates range from $100 to $160, depending on the Therapist and services performed.


I was matched to a state licensed therapist in less than 10 minues. They take my insurance and I was able to meet them the day after I found Therapy Conductor. I had been looking for male therapist a little older than me, but someone I felt could relate to my age group. Couldn’t be happier. Thanks.


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